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RE Study Guide Download 2019

There are 2 sets of material which can be used for preparation purposes:

The Preparation Guide for RE1 and RE5 which is available at Entities/Pages/LR-FAIS-Amendments.aspx and
The legislation itself. The Preparation Guide refers to the relevant sections in the Act and subordinate legislation that must be studied.

The Preparation Guides are vital as they stipulate the material of the examinations, because they seek to describe what the examination questions will be testing. All examination questions are based upon the content as set out and in addition the Preparation Guides map out precisely where you can find the relevant info in the legislation.


The task describes what the candidate must be able to do in respect of the legislation.


The qualifying criteria refer to the knowledge that a person must have to perform the task.


In this column the reference to the actual legislation is provided – if you read the particular section of the legislation, then you will have the required knowledge as referred to in the qualifying criteria.

Every question in the question bank for all the regulatory examinations is based on the “qualifying criteria” (or the knowledge column) as explained. The questions must be linked to these knowledge criteria otherwise it might not be included in the examination as an examination question.

It is very important to read the actual legislation. One can not anticipate to be tested on legislation without having checked out the legislation. By reading the legislation you will get used to the meanings, terms and the way in which the legislation is prepared. Please be recommended that the same terminology and technique is used in the examination questions. The questions should be technically correct because the right legal terms need to be utilized at all times. Checking out the legislation will assist you to analyze the questions correctly.

Training Material for RE Exams

There are several guides available from different providers including INSETA. It is important to ensure you use updated and correct study material so you don’t get nasty surprises during the exams. Lets Study have compiled a study guide which is available when you attend a workshop or can be ordered online or by calling our offices.

The printed guide contains all the relevant information you will need to study to pass your exams.

RE Study Guide Download 2019 Contact Us For RE Workshops


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RE Study Guide Download 2019 Get the current upgraded study material for your upcoming RE Exams. When you participate in a RE Exam Preparation workshop you will receive our special study guide in printed format or you can buy online or get from our offices
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