We Help You Pass Your RE Exam In Two Days


The RE Exam Preparation Workshop is over two days where all the material is covered and explained in detail. This will give you a clear understanding of what is expected of you within your profession and prepare you properly to write and pass your exam.


If you attend the 2 day workshop and you do not pass your exam you may attend a second workshop at the same venue free of charge. We understand that on exam day things can go wrong… and sometimes they do. When this happens to you we have you covered. So far in 2019 our students attending the workshops have had a 84% pass rate (verified).

Mock Exams:

When attending the workshop we provide you with five (5) mock exams to practice with. The exam itself is computer generated so each paper you write is different. Only studying mock exams will not ensure that you pass as the chances of having the same questions are almost 0%. To pass your exam you need to understand and know the material.

Slide Presentation:

On the USB stick you will also have the complete slide presentation that you saw in class in pdf format. You may use the slideshow when you are studying to refer back to what you learned during your workshop.

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…I can’t write or pass the exams for you… But I can make them a lot easier and less painful with a well designed workshop that will help you pass when you write. We have a 94% pass rate for students who have attended the workshops, will you be our next success story? Call us on 082 817 7384 OR 010 300 7916

Here is what you get

Our Guarantee: If you attend the workshop on both days and complete your studies as taught and do not pass your exam, you may attend the next workshop we offer free of charge.

Workshop Application

When you complete the application we will also send you one mock exam to test your knowledge.


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